Jodi Lilly is the founder of Goddess Hoop Dance, a company that teaches women to use the hoop as a portal of joy, creative expression and transformation.041614 Hoop Dance-13 - Version 2

A Goddess Hoop Dance class is not only about learning and mastering hoop dance moves. Students are invited to bring their inner Goddess–the part of you that is self-confident, sassy, sacred and naturally sexy–out to play. Jodi’s upbeat, encouraging style and ability to offer clear instructions and break down each new move helps her students to quickly learn the foundational elements of hoopdance, integrate what they have learned and build on it.

One of the things she loves most about hoop dance is that everyone’s dance is unique. The beauty of this is that the only ‘right way’ for you to hoop dance is your way. In learning even just a few moves, the dancer within begins to emerge and the discovery of one’s own dance begins.

Discover the Goddess within you, in the sacred circle of the hoop.

For more information or to inquire about upcoming classes in the San Ramon/Danville, California area please see the Hoop Dance Classes page.