Jodi Lilly is the founder of Goddess Hoop Dance, offering classes that teach women to use the hoop as a portal of creativity and the kind of joy that leads to transformation.041614 Hoop Dance-13 - Version 2

A Goddess Hoop Dance class is not only about learning and mastering hoop dance moves. Students are invited to bring their inner Goddess–the part of you that is naturally self-confident, sassy, sacred, and sexy–out to play. Jodi’s many years of teaching hoop dance, coupled with her upbeat, encouraging style helps her students to quickly learn the foundational elements of hoop dance, build on what they learn, and use it all to explore embodied movement in fun new ways.

When it comes to hoop dance, everyone’s dance is unique. The beauty of this is that the only ‘right way’ for you, is your way. In learning even just a few moves, the dancer within begins to emerge and the discovery of one’s own dance begins.

Discover the Goddess within you, in the sacred circle of the hoop.

For more information or to inquire about upcoming classes in the San Ramon/Danville, California area please see the Hoop Dance Classes page.

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  1. Hi there Jodi!!! Hope you are doing well – and from the looks and sounds of this site you are doing very well indeed!!! I keep thinking about calling you to catch up but then it never seems to be a good time! I promise I will do it soon though!!!

    So – I want to order a hoop and am not sure what kind, wieght, size etc to get – I can figure out the color and that’s about all 🙂 Can you give me some suggestions?

    Talk to you soon – for sure!
    Love ya!

  2. I came across your articles and site about Hoop dance and thought you might be interested in receiving a free copy of Hoopdance Revolution by Jan Camp for possible review. We all know that committing to regular physical activity is essential to personal wellness and quality of life. But often, exercise feels like work, not play. Plagued by physical pain, Jan Camp (62) was ready to settle in her rocking chair for old age, when a friend convinced her to check out a local hoop dancing class. Hoopdance changed Jan’s life. It not only boosted her physical and mental fitness, but introduced her to a wonderful new community comprised of all ages and fitness levels, and gaining followers worldwide.

    Jan Camp’s new book, Hoopdance Revolution is a hands-on guidebook to hoop dance as healthy exercise, play, and fun––regardless of age, size, or level of fitness. It also chronicles a cultural movement toward wellness and combines the experiences of the exemplary people Jan Camp interviewed in her year-long quest for the essence of Hoopdance that took her all across the United States.
    The book’s website hosts over 150 videos of tutorials and performances by professional performers, teachers, and followers worldwide that inspire personal development and reveal the myriad physical and spiritual benefits of playing with a hoop: greater stamina, sharper mental acuity and emotional balance, increased spacial awareness, and an overall sense of well-being and connectedness, healing and transformation.
    You may also enjoy the book trailer:

    About The Author: Jan Camp is an artist and graphic designer with an active hoopdance practice. She has contributed to three books that inspired Hoopdance Revolution, A Door in the Swamp by Joell Jones and the Fish Arm Collective (Comix Press), and Cay Lang’s Taking the Leap (Chronicle Books). A resident of Berkeley, California, Jan Camp now runs Arclight Books in the SF Bay Area, a grassroots publishing group dedicated bringing local artists and authors together to share resources and participate in events. For more info, visit: http://www.hoopdancebook.com

    I’d love to send you a copy of the book for possible review on your site about Hoopdance.

    Thanks so much for considering!

    Haroon Ahmad

    PR Associate, JDPR

  3. Hi Haroon,

    I’d love a copy of the book and will be happy to review it on my site. You can email me: jodi ‘at’ goddesshoopdance.com and I’ll send my mailing address.

    Thank you!


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