Messages from the Goddess


Gather your sisters. Hurry now, it’s time. Time has worked it’s magic and the opening is nigh. Gather them quickly. Just raise your hand. They are feeling the call. They have waited, too, their voices silenced, their hearts breaking open with the beauty they hold, the things they have seen. Their hearts breaking down from the sorrows they have suffered without comfort or relief—knowing deep down that they were really not alone and yet no one knew their hearts.

You have doubted your selves and been suspicious of others, competitive and downright jealous. This is old programming that proved useful in keeping you separate and safe, albeit, in the dark about who and what you are. This is indeed a new day and those programs are expiring now. It is only for you to choose an alternative and so it shall be.

The time of solitude is behind you. As you gather, you will each find your strength and courage increase, along with your vitality. It is true that there is strength in numbers but this is a phenomenon beyond that. Each of you has embodied a fragment of the essential Goddess nature. You are, in truth, of one being, expressing in myriad ways. Your gifts are complementary and as you rejoin one another the higher expressions of those gifts become clear.

Gather your sisters into the circle. Watch as they close their eyes and breathe a long deep sigh. The journey has exhausted so many of you. So many were there to activate the others and could not hold on longer than they did. Not in the body, at any rate. They are never far from you, though. Gather knowing that none are ever truly lost and together your hearts will awaken, once again. to the beauty, bounty and blessings of the One Heart.

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