Goddess Awakening

Hawaiian Sunrise
Hawaiian Sunrise

I have had a love affair with the Goddess for over a decade, now. She made herself known to me slowly, as my writing sisters and I practiced and shared our love of words and ideas. She appeared through subtle hints, interesting word choices and themes surfacing, week after week, as we read our pieces and shared feedback. Before we knew it the Goddess was an integral part of our group.

I was so drawn to the idea and now the reality of Her presence that I invited her into my personal writing practice, asked her questions, and wrote furiously what I was heard in response. She came to me as The Goddess of Now. An expression of the Feminine Divine that is a culmination of all and none. The Alpha and Omega. Her message is that as we recognize our own divinity by living fully in our bodies, awake to the magic in our hearts; we create our life anew, in every moment. Our presence is key to living in a way that is creative, fulfilling and has a positive impact on our communities, both local and global.

The ways of the past cannot serve us in our world today. Those ideas were for a another time and people who lived in a different world than the one we inhabit today. Being attuned to our inner wisdom allows us to shift with the ebbing and flowing tides and experience life as more creative adventure than series of unmet expectations. She had much to say on the topic of women and our relationship to our bodies and our selves. This page is a place for sharing some of that wisdom.

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