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Beginner/Multi-Level hoop dance classes Saturday mornings 8:45-9:45 AM in Danville, California. 

Come see what hoop dance is all about!
All levels welcome. No experience necessary. Class space is limited, so if you’d like to attend a class, kindly pre-register by sending an email to jodi “at” goddesshoopdance.com.

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Hoop dance is the fun way to fabulous fitness. You will learn to hoop on your waist, hands, hips, legs, lift the hoop off the body, move around the room to music while hooping, discover your own rhythm and so much more. By the time you’ve taken a handful of classes you will have learned enough to be able to do your own unique hoop dance… the dance that only you can do.


Hoop dance wakes up the sacred, self-confident, sassy, sexy Goddess in you and brings you back into your own center. Oh, the things you will discover in the sacred center of your hoop! Join us!



Please pre-register for class. I am no longer offering drop-in classes without pre-registration. Individual classes are $20. Contact Jodi to register or for more information. jodi “at” goddesshoopdance.com


Time: 8:45-9:45 AM

Place: Two Left Feet, 194 Diablo Road, Danville, CA  ~You may enter through front door. Hoop Dance class is in the studio is in the rear of the building

Tuition: $20 Individual Class

Save $$ with a 4-Class Package – Purchase a 4-Class Package for $60 and save $20 off the drop-in rate. The 4-Class Package may be used for any four classes within 2 months of purchase.

Good variety of professional quality adult hoops provided for class and available for sale.