1. Paula Hamblin

    I relate to so much to what you said. I had always had a well-defined waist. Then menopause hit and I thought it had disappeared forever. Hooping has given me back a waistline. Not only that, but noting I’d tried before hooping had ever put a dent in my thunder thighs. Now at 55 years old,for the first time since puberty, I no longer have to shop for the ‘relaxed fit’ . The real truth though is that these benefits are secondary to how wonderful hooping makes me feel! It’s my ‘happy place’. The complexities of life we all sometimes encounter have become so much easier to handle since I’ve prioritized the simple joy of hooping into my lifestyle.

    • I will be 55 in May. Hard to believe but hey, if we’re going to be 55 we might as well show the world that 55 doesn’t have to be the beginning of a downhill slide, it can be a time of great vitality, inspired action and great abs!

      Thank you so much for your comments. I’m so glad we met and can share this experience as ‘sisters in the hoop’, even from across the country. It goes to show it isn’t just you and it isn’t just me who are having these experiences. Since we have each in our own way experienced the same kinds of things as a result of taking up the hoop, then it stands to reason that it can happen for other women, too.

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