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She’s All That ~Hooping With the Girls

Last May I joined Soroptimst International of San Ramon Valley. Soroptimist which means ‘best for women’ is an international volunteer organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls. The annual Signature Project for the San Ramon Valley chapter is She’s All That, a one-day event for middle school girls (6th-8th grade) and their mothers, designed to give both generations tips and tools for the transition these girls will make before entering high school. The girls preregister for three classes they will attend at the conference. Some of their options were self-esteem, dealing with boys, discovering your passion, skin care and make-up, healthy eating, cheer leading, yoga and–now that I’m in the group–hoop dance!

My friend, Sally, who is currently the president of our Soroptimist chapter, has also served as my hoop class assistant since I started teaching hoop dance last April. We hauled the hoops out to the grassy area, gathered our young hoopers and set out to teach them some fun hoop moves. As we began a few of the girls looked concerned about embarrassing themselves by not being able to keep the hoop going. Others couldn’t wait to get hooping. Everyone dropped their hoop, everyone had some success, everyone learned something new and by the end everyone was smiling. Even the girls who struggled the most had their hoops spinning.

It was a real treat for me to be part of She’s All That, share something I’m passionate about with the next generation and give back just a little to the community. If you know a girl who might be interested in attending, She’s All That happens every year in February. Click here for more information.

All photos by Jamie Kwan. Thank you, Jamie!

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  1. How fantastic! I wish there was something like “She’s all that” here!

    Oh, Samuel, Emma and I have been hooping together almost every night now thanks to WII fit. I think of you each time!

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