New Tuesday Morning Classes

I held my first Tuesday morning Goddess Hoop Dance Class yesterday at the Two Left Feet studio in Danville, California. It was a small class but everyone came away smiling.

For months now students and those who would like to come to class but can’t make the Saturday class due to travel or their kids’ soccer practice or whatever else they have going on Saturdays, have been asking for a weekday morning class. So, here it is. The class is primarily a beginner or Level One class. You’ll learn to hoop on your waist, your hips, your heart and your hands. You’ll learn to turn, to twirl, to stall and reverse. You’ll learn to walk while you hoop and feel the music while you hoop and dance while you hoop–that’s hoop dance! We’ll do exercise to enhance your dance and find your rhythm and find yourself in the hoop. These hour long classes offer plenty of one-on-one attention to help you master the moves.

All classes include a warm-up to get your body ready for hooping, instruction on a new move or set of moves, a fun group activity so you can play with what you are learning and interact with others, a jam circle so you can show us what you’ve got. We cool down with some stretching before sending you back into the world with a smile on your face and a little extra spring in your step.

3 thoughts on “New Tuesday Morning Classes

    1. I wish, I wish, I wish, too! It would be such fun to have you in class, Lynne. I would love to teach hoop dance in your barn in Kauai. Let’s talk about this!

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