1. You are soooo right on! The minute I get into my hoop, almost as soon as I pick it up, I feel in tune with my body & the internal & external rhythms begin to flow through me. It’s exstatic (sp?) bliss for me. Yesterday I took my dog to the dog park & brought my hoop. It was the first time I’ve hooped in public & I wasn’t even embarassed to make mistakes! I hooped on the bluffs overlooking the Channel Islands & feeling the warmth of the sun wash over my body. So blessed to live in Santa Barbara. I am grateful to have found your video on YouTube & your site. I’m sure I’ll be back often. Many blessings to you.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Kris! I’ve been taking a weekend workshop with Baxter of Hoop Path this weekend. We are doing a lot of hoop dance from the inside out and really working the rhythms.

    There is something about hooping that made all my self-consciousness go away once I got in the hoop, too. I would be mortified to have danced in the park without my hoop but the hoop somehow gave me permission to be visible and I found myself happy to share it with others. The more you do it the easier and more fun it is.

    All the best to you! I’m grateful to know that my words and videos have reached you and that we are both part of the greater community of hoop dancers.

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