Hooping Your Blessings and The Gratitude Playlist

By now I’m sure everyone has at least heard about the power of gratitude to improve the quality of one’s life. Expressing gratitude puts us in a state of open receptivity that allows us to see beyond the fear and resistance that is so common in our world today and notice our blessings. This uplifted state of awareness allows Grace to weave its magic through our day-to-day experiences and partly because we are seeing from a clearer perspective, things really do look better.

I’ve noticed that my resistance to anything in my life is like turning up the volume on the voice that knows all about what I don’t want. Suddenly it takes over my consciousness and colors everything in an unpalatable shade of envy-green. It’s says, “I wish it wasn’t this way. Why can’t I have it as easy as Mr. X and Ms. Y apparently has it? I wish I could make this go away. If I were different my life would be better. Why do I have to be so damned sensitive? I wish it was as easy for me as it is for EVERYONE else.” Ironically, in my more lucid moments I know this is all baloney but when the voice gets on a roll it is easy to forget. The voice is whiny and relentless and wears away my best intentions to live a beautiful, balanced, harmonious life.

A while ago I noticed that hooping is the antidote to the voice of resistance and resentment and even fear. When I get into the hoop I automatically come into my body and find myself in the moment, in my rhythm, with the music, in a flow. It is impossible to be in resistance and in flow at the same time. Within moments of picking up my hoop, and usually without my noticing until later, the voice is gone. As I start to play with the rhythm of hoop against my body, feel the music in my feet, my arms take flight and my spirit begins to sing. Before I know it I am dance and dancer present in the holy here and now. Gratitude pours from my pores in a salty-sweet salute to Life. I’ve been transported from the unbearable arid desert of ‘beside myself’ to the abundant tropical juiciness of ‘right where I belong’.

I did a class recently, in honor of Thanksgiving and this holiday season, called Hooping Grace and Gratitude . I thought you might like to check out the playlist. It’s about an hour of music starting slow for the warm-up, building to the funk of Get Down On It and winding back to the cool-down stretch. I hope you find something you enjoy here. If you have any other Grace or Gratitude songs that to suggest, please do leave them in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experiences with hooping your blessings, too.

Morning by Amos Lee
Thank you by Dido
Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson
The Silent Awakening by Tina Malia
Thank You by Alanis Morissette
Someday by Sugar Ray
Lucky (featuring Colby Callait) by Jason Mraz
I Thank You by Sam and Dave
Get Down On It by Kool and the Gang
Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) by Michael Buble
You and Me by Dave Matthews Band
Peaceizafiya by Shashamon
You Can Close Your Eyes by Carly Simon
The Beauty That We Love by John Astin

2 thoughts on “Hooping Your Blessings and The Gratitude Playlist

  1. You are soooo right on! The minute I get into my hoop, almost as soon as I pick it up, I feel in tune with my body & the internal & external rhythms begin to flow through me. It’s exstatic (sp?) bliss for me. Yesterday I took my dog to the dog park & brought my hoop. It was the first time I’ve hooped in public & I wasn’t even embarassed to make mistakes! I hooped on the bluffs overlooking the Channel Islands & feeling the warmth of the sun wash over my body. So blessed to live in Santa Barbara. I am grateful to have found your video on YouTube & your site. I’m sure I’ll be back often. Many blessings to you.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Kris! I’ve been taking a weekend workshop with Baxter of Hoop Path this weekend. We are doing a lot of hoop dance from the inside out and really working the rhythms.

    There is something about hooping that made all my self-consciousness go away once I got in the hoop, too. I would be mortified to have danced in the park without my hoop but the hoop somehow gave me permission to be visible and I found myself happy to share it with others. The more you do it the easier and more fun it is.

    All the best to you! I’m grateful to know that my words and videos have reached you and that we are both part of the greater community of hoop dancers.

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