1. Ann Zuccardy

    Hi Jodi – you’re really onto something wonderful here! My dear friend, Gregg Banse, who is a brilliant web guy and fabulous friend mentioned that you should also consider buying the .org and .net versions of your domain name.

    I am so glad to see this site up and running and I’m looking forward to reading your lovely poetry and prose. I’ve missed it!

    • Thank you, Ann! I took Greg’s advice and bought .net and .org. The more research I do the more I see that is a really good idea. The connection between the Goddess and hooping is well-established and commonplace in the hoop community. I’m really enjoying marrying the two and seeing the potentials in this.

      I am scheduled to start teaching my own Beginning HoopDance classes next month and I’m sure that will open up a whole new level of inspiration and awareness around all of this.

      I’m thrilled that you took the time to stop by. You made my day!

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