Goddess, Hooping

Goddess Hooping

Written on October 21, 2009

Goddess Hooping combines two passions that I had no idea would so beautifully complement one another until experience showed me the undeniable connection between the two.

I have had an ongoing fascination with the Goddess–not the mythological goddesses of ancient Egypt, Asia or Greece but the living, breathing energy that is the Sacred Feminine energy that is part of not just women, but everyone–for many years. In 2006, I started to write about Her and found myself drawn deeper into Her story, discovering new elements as I went. She has a message for the world. It is time for us to wake up to who we are, let go of the trappings that have kept us bound up in the projections this world offer us about what our role is here and live more fully from the beauty, rhythm, love and grace which is our true nature.

About six months ago I saw a video of a woman named Kara Maia dancing with hula hoops. I was fascinated. I thought what she was doing was so beautiful and found myself wishing I could do that. I couldn’t imagine myself actually being able to ever do so myself, though.

Fast-forward to summer… I stumbled onto a video of a young woman named Mona that completely captivated me. I could not stop thinking about her hoop dance.

Over the next few weeks I found myself drawn back to watch several of her videos and before long I was discovering other amazing hoop dancers, too.

One day in late July I was in a book store looking for books on the Goddess and was appalled at how little there was in print on my subject of choice. I wandered over to the section with books on Fitness to see if I could find a book listed in my search that had something to do with the Goddess and working out. I didn’t find that book but I did spot a book called HOOPING:  A Revolutionary Fitness Program by Christabel Zamor. Of course, I had to buy it. Within two weeks I had my own hoop and began my journey into  the world and art of Hoop Dance.

I have tapped into such joy and passion for hoop dance that I just can’t get enough. My plan is to begin teaching early in 2010. Every time I hoop I feel exhilarated. Every time I hoop time ceases to exist. Every time I hoop I feel a deeper connection with my body. Every time I hoop I know the Goddess more intimately.

Thank you for stopping by. I love sharing what I’m learning about my new passion.

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