The Heart of Snake

I taught Snake (Chest/Shoulder hooping) in last week’s Goddess Hoop Dance class. This picture was taken in February of this year when I had finally managed to do Snake with some kind of grace. It was one of the moves that literally took me months to learn. And learning it opened up my hoop dance and my body in ways I’d never dreamed it could.

Becoming proficient at Snake showed me that I could learn even seemingly impossible hoop moves. I gained tremendous flexibility in my upper spine and chest as I made one attempt after another to get the hoop up and keep it there. Doing so forced me to breathe life into my upper back and chest. Months of practice revealed shoulder tension I had held onto for what feels like ages.

Like a snake, I have shed layer after layer of old beliefs and antiquated programs about who I was and who I could be. Shedding those layers made it possible for me to leave much of the old fearful, timid, ever-so-polite self behind and claim this deeper layer of Self that is grounded and awake and trusts heart wisdom as the ultimate guidance system.

My physical heart, now that we’re better acquainted, has plenty to say about what works and what doesn’t, not just in my hoop dance but in life. After decades of contemplating the desires of my spiritual heart it is such a pleasure to finally connect in a real, tangible way with my heart. I have had a love affair with the hoop from the first and it is such a treat to feel of the hoop rolling over and literally connecting with my heart, rhythm meeting rhythm, revolution after revolution, awake and alive in this inspired dance of Life.

3 thoughts on “The Heart of Snake

  1. Jodi,

    Thank you for sharing this post. As I read it, it really spoke to me. I was drawn into your experience and pictured myself in some of what you were saying. It brought me to attention. I’m so glad you learned so much through the Snake movement. It sounds like something I need. I’d love to talk to you more about shedding those layers. You’re doing a great job! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have always wanted to learn how to hoop dance but I could never get it right and I love to watch you I watch the video of you dancing in church yard in Wisconsin and I hope you never give it up

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