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The beautiful, smiling woman in the picture is my dear friend and Goddess Hoop Dance Class Assistant, Sally. After listening to me go on and on about hooping for months she said yes, immediately, when I asked her to act as assistant for my classes. She threw herself into learning as much as she could before the classes started and has been a huge help to me ever since. This was taken at the final day of the first four-week series that I taught in April. I love seeing the hoop joy on her face. She is the picture of hoop class… Thank you, Sally!

September 11th is the first day of the new 4-Week Beginner Hoop Dance Class Series I’ll be teaching. I’ve decided to make it a multi-level beginner series so that those who have been taking classes with me can continue to learn and grow in their hoop dance and those who are new to hoop dance can learn the basics and start to build their hoop dance practice one set of moves at a time.

Over the summer I held open classes customized for the group of students who attended. Starting with next week’s class I will be following the Hoop Girl 12-week program which teaches a new set of moves each week. Those who are more advanced will be invited to do the moves in their outflow (the direction that feels more challenging) and will either be given variations on the moves or learn a different move that they can work on mastering.

The things I hear most often from students is that it is harder at first than it looks and how much fun they have in the classes. If you are looking for a workout that will whip you into shape in a way that is fun as well as challenging, hoop dance classes deliver all of that and so much more. The more you practice the more you will learn. If you put in the time, the hoop will reward you in ways you never imagined possible. The hoop can help you to bring the act of play back into your life; uplift and inspire you; it raises your spirits to quickly put you into a more positive frame of mind; it utilizes and strengthens core muscles that are otherwise nearly impossible to reach, and in so doing improves your posture; and it introduces hoop-joy into your life, so you can wear it on your face like Sally is doing. And that is just a little bit of what hoop class is all about.

If you are in the Tri-Valley area, I hope you will join us for our next series. If not, I hope you will find a hoop class in your area. It’s positively life changing!

For more on the Goddess Hoop Dance Series that starts Saturday September 11th and goes through October 2nd, see Hoop Dance Classes .

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