I don’t know about you but I have spent a lot of my life doing the things I thought I should do. I had either learned that they were ‘good for me’ or that I had to do things a certain way in order to count and ‘amount to something’ which is such an odd idea, when I think about it now. I’m always amazed when I look back at the things I have just accepted in my life as ‘the way it is’. I always prided myself on being an individual and a bit of a rebel but my history begs to differ.

The cultural ideas and ideals into which we are indoctrinated from birth are often concepts that have been assumed by generation after generation until someone finally wakes up and asks, “Why are we still doing/believing/going along with that? It doesn’t make any sense anymore.”

When I watched my first hoop dance video I was mesmerized by the beauty of the flowing movements, coordination, rhythm and grace with which KaRa danced with her hoop. It would be months before I watched that video, again, and more time still before my inner guidance led me to Christabel Zamor’s book ‘Hooping–A Revolutionary Fitness Program‘ that finally launched me onto the hoop dance path. Reading about the experiences of other women in the Hooping book so intrigued me that I knew deep down that we were kindred spirits, I was one of them and I, too, would hoop dance.

My old self would have shamed me into not even attempting to hoop dance, much less going for a hoop dance teacher certification. My old self would have told me I was too old to start and there were more important things for me to be doing with my time than this. My old self would have snuffed out that fire before it had a chance to warm my heart and ignite my passion. My old self was no longer in charge, though. I didn’t know how I was going to move forward in my life at the time, but I knew my old self couldn’t take me anywhere I wanted to go.

I watched one hoop dance video after another on You Tube. Something in me couldn’t leave it alone. Something in me knew that I was on to something. I didn’t have a clue how I would learn to do this but I was certain that I could and would. And I have. Hoop dance allowed me to tap into something essential I have been missing all my life. Me. When I am in the hoop I am all in; awake and alive and thrilled to be here. Hoop dance has helped me to come home to my body, learn its secrets, delight in its intelligence and truly love it, at long last.

Hoop dance has taken my life in dozens of wonderful directions I could never have foreseen. It has introduced me to a whole new world of creativity, community, inspiration and delight. I could write volumes on the countless blessing hoop dance continues to bring into my life.

What about you? Why do you hoop dance? How has it changed your life?


  1. Paula Hamblin

    Hoopdance drew me in simply as a way to vary my exercise routine. You see, I hate exercise but it was, after all, one of those things we’re supposed to do. I figured if I varied my routine, I was less likely to get bored and stick with it. What I discovered was that hoopdance brings me great joy and provides me with enough variety that I don’t want or need to do anything else. Not only do I not get bored, but my muscles don’t either.

    It’s changed my life tremendously. I’m more confident, more content and the joy it brings just doesn’t stop. Even though I’m in my mid-fifties, I finally feel I’ve come into my own. In short, I’m a happier person.

    One last comment in regards to “”Why are we still doing/believing/going along with that? It doesn’t make any sense anymore.” It reminds me of the story of the woman who would always cut off the ends of a ham before she baked it. Perhaps you’ve heard it, but just in case: One Easter morning, her husband asked her why she always cut off the ends of the ham. She replied that it was the way her mother always did it. When her mother arrived, the husband asked her why SHE had always cut off the ends of the ham. The mother replied, “It was the only way it would fit in the pan I had.” Since I heard that story, I’ve not been afraid to question why I do the things I do. Sometimes I find a new way and sometimes I stick with the old ways…but at least I know the reasons why.

    • Paula,

      I’m right there with you, mid-fifties, never-ending hoop joy, I’m a happier, healthier person, too.

      I love that you brought up the story about how the woman cooked the ham. It crossed my mind as I was writing this blog post and I wondered if someone would pick it up. I first heard the story many years ago, too. It is one that I has come to mind over and over in relation to one thing or another. Awareness makes all the difference.

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful words, dear hoop sister. I love knowing you are out there hooping, too.

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