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The Heart of Hoop Dance

One of the things I love most about hoop dance is that despite what is or isn’t happening in the rest of my life, I can always take my heart into the hoop with me and dance through anything I am feeling. Sometimes what I am feeling is too beautiful for words other times my feelings are simply unspeakable. The hoop can take anything I throw at it–anger, joy, bewilderment, loss–it just pulls it all up into its vortex and transmutes it into life-force energy that makes the dance all the juicier.

One of the many things I learned at the Hoop Girl Performance Training is that hoop dance, like life, is not all about sweetness and light, nor is it necessarily pretty and it certainly isn’t what I once thought of as perfect. Some of the most interesting performances are born of raw emotion, recklessness and an edginess that’s just this side of danger. Every person alive carries all of the above in our hearts but few of us have the courage or the desire to express them publicly. We stuff those down where no one will guess what we really feel. I don’t know about you, but hoop dance has somehow given me permission as well as a vehicle through which to express what is truly in my heart.

Last July, when I visited the churchyard in Wisconsin next to the cemetery where my dad and so many family members are buried I was brimming with emotion–things I have no words to express… those words do not exist in my language… they are heart words. So I took them to the hoop and was able to miraculously capture what I felt on video. I could have hooped all day and not gotten it all out. When I watch the video now, I feel what I was feeling as though I was, once again, right there on that sunny morning dancing on the lawn next to the cornfield.

When you hoop from the heart something magical happens. If you’ve been hooping for a while I’m sure you know what I am talking about. If you are newer to hooping, try it sometime when you heart is full or heavy or jumping up and down and then come back and tell me how it was for you. I’d love to hear about it.

May all your hooping be heart-full and deliver you to the center of your own raw, reckless, dangerously beautiful heart!

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