If you check the Tri-Valley Hoop Group Page you’ll find the details about the hoop jam we’re having in San Ramon’s Central Park on Sunday, August 29th.

I’ve been holding Sunday afternoon hoop jams as often as possible since last May. Some Sundays we get a huge group of hoopers and some of the other people in the park come over and join us, too. Other Sundays it has been too hot to hoop for any but the most passionate hoopers and there have been other hooping events that took the locals out of the area, so our group was considerably smaller.

I’d love to get the word out to more people and really build the hooping community here in the Tri-Valley. So I’d love your feedback on what works for you and your community. If you have hoop jams in your area, are they on weekends or in the evenings? If you are in the Tri-Valley area and are interested in coming to a hoop jam, check the Tri-Valley Hoop Group page or join our Facebook Group to get the notices about our events. I look forward to hooping with you soon!

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