Hoop Potentials in a Rainbow Orb

Goddess Hooping

This is my first hoop. I bought it in August 2009 and was so in love with it that I just couldn’t resist taking a picture while it was still all shiny and new. I have used it for most of my hoop practice and it is, by now, imbued with great love and passion. It has been tossed, flung and dropped more times than I can count. I have lovingly bandaged it with clear tape here and there in the places where the pretty blue and purple tape has been scraped off from sliding across the driveway or banging into furniture.


I didn’t notice until I chose this picture for posting here that there is a rainbow orb just above the hoop and another clear orb to the left of it. Orbs, to me, represent potentials. Rainbow orbs are rare, in my experience. I had no idea the day I took this picture, of the remarkable things that awaited me because I had followed my heart and moved in the direction of the hoop. At the time all I knew was that a spark of passion had been ignited within me and for the first time in ages I had something I couldn’t wait to do again and again. I still didn’t realize that I had embarked on a journey that would open up a whole new world within and around me. I had no idea that through the hoop I would realize a living, breathing, dancing connection to my Goddess self.

As I met other hoop dancers it became clear to me that more often than not, the Divine comes shining through when people who love to hoop are hooping. It isn’t just the women, either. I see it in the guys, too. Something magical happens when people step into the beauty, power and strength of their own rhythm… and the rhythm of the sacred circle.

Get a hoop, try it yourself and see what happens.

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