You and Me by Dave Matthews has been playing in my head several times a day for about three weeks now. I bought the album, have listened to the song over and over, hooped to it and finally honored it by using it in a video of a very special hoop practice when I was in Wisconsin last month visiting my family. Still, the song plays on in my head… It feels like something profound is brewing in me.

I woke up early on the last day of my trip and drove from Eau Claire, where I grew up, about twenty miles out to the country where my dad was raised. He passed away in 1999 and is buried in the cemetery of Big Elk Creek Lutheran Church where he and his family worshiped when he was growing up. My uncle, grandparents and countless other relatives are buried there, as well. It was a perfect morning; bright blue sky with a soft warm breeze. I was the only one there but felt anything but alone; so grateful to have the opportunity to once again be among so many of the people I have known and loved all my life.

Inspired by the morning, the moment and the music I set up my video camera and portable stereo on a picnic table under the new pavilion in the church yard and grabbed my hoop. I danced in celebration of the beautiful spirits who came before me and the miracle that is Life. I swear they were all right there, dancing through me on that gorgeous morning in the country they loved so well.

When I was growing up my dad always told me that I could do anything. ANYTHING! I am doing that now with my hoop dance. I am breaking through old limiting beliefs I have had about myself and what was possible for me. So here I am at 55, dancing in the churchyard and teaching people to find their joy through hoop dance. Funny how life is.

This one’s for you, Dad. You were right about so many things.


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