Got Hoop Joy?

When I talk to people who are not yet hip to the hoop and tell them that I’m a hoop dance instructor they can’t imagine what there can possibly be to teach. After all, they ask, isn’t the hula hoop a toy for kids with the whole point being to get it going around your waist and keep it going for as long as possible.

I tell them that the hoop will allow them to not only get their abs back but if they learn some simple hoop dance moves and do a little practice, before they know it their entire body will begin to reshape itself. “Oh, really?” (Now I have their attention.) Yes, really. Not only that but there is something about hoop dancing that helps to raise your spirits. If you keep it up, so to speak, you will start to realize the phenomenon that is hoop joy. It starts somewhere deep inside and comes out through the pours, I swear. If you pay close attention you can feel it happening. Whether you are aware of it or not, those around you will surely see it all over your face after a good class or practice session. Once you tap into hoop joy and know how good it feels it’s hard to stay out of the hoop.

If you’d like to experience a little hoop joy for yourself and are in the Tri-Valley area, I offer classes on Saturday mornings in Danville. (See the Hoop Dance Classes Page for more info.) Drop-in or buy a package of four classes and save.

*Pictures from the April and May Beginner Class Series’. Thank you, Ana, Sally, Ange and Stephanie for helping to spread the hoop joy.

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