The New Tri-Valley Hoop Group

After watching the video from the Santa Cruz Hoop Jam in the previous post, I got inspired to launch a hoop group in my own area and start hosting hoop jams here. San Francisco has Bay Area Hoopers, Oakland-Berkeley has East Bay Hoop Group, there’s a group in San Jose, too. Introducing, the new Tri-Valley Hoop Group!

Last Sunday we had the first Tri-Valley Hoop Group Hoop Jam Kick-Off in San Ramon, California. Though the weather was overcast and chilly in the morning, by the time we met the cloud cover had broken and the sun came out to play.

Hoop jams are casual, fun events. The organizer sets the date and location, spreads the word and brings the music. Friends invite friends. All kinds of people show up with their hoops and everyone hangs out and gets into the joy of hooping.

Here’s a little peek at our happy event.

If you are in the area and would like to join us, see the Tri-Valley Hoop Group page or join us on Facebook for more info about upcoming events.

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