9 Years of Hoop Dance – Coming Full Circle

I celebrated my 9-year hoopiversary, on August 10th! I started my hoop dance journey with a 42 inch, blue and purple hoop that weighed a little less than 2 pounds. Today that hoop feels large and heavy, compared to the lighter, faster polypro hoops I tend to favor, now. So much has changed in my life over these 9 years but my passion for hoop dance is one of the things that has grown stronger. What I have learned is that the things we truly love are the ones that have value for us, far beyond what it may look like on the surface. If you’ve fallen for the hoop, give it the time and honor it deserves, by carving out some time for it on a regular basis.

I did a daily hoop practice for many years, rarely missing a day. And then Life, with its clever way of pulling out all the stops, compelled me to focus on other things, for a while. My mom is getting older and was having some issues with her memory, I began having health problems of my own, I started losing interest in a lot of the things that had previously given my life it’s structure, eventually, I didn’t even feel like myself, anymore.

I have been in a protracted period of healing, which has made it necessary to let go of a lot of things and people and situations that really weren’t healthy for me, anymore. As a Gemini, I tend to be attracted to new situations and ideas, which is great, but it also makes it necessary to let go of the myriad things I’ve said yes to that I sooner or later realized really weren’t working for me. So, I’ve been through a few rather intense purges, both of physical stuff and of mental concepts and ideas about who I am and what is right for me, at this point.

This all makes it pretty much impossible to write because when it feels like everything in one’s life is potentially up for grabs and you aren’t sure what you can say for certain. Writing has been my first language for most of my adult life. Not being able to write was devastating. Until I realized that much of what I had been writing was based on beliefs that have since been challenged. I am not the same person I was before. And that is the good news! In order to be able to really write from the heart, which is my preferred method, I needed to clear the debris of worn-out ideas, fear, and painful experiences that still colored my words but did not represent who I now know myself to be.

Hoop dance has really saved me, through these years, because I could be creative without words. It allowed me to express something within me that I couldn’t know in any other way. Hoop dance led me back to my core self, the creative center that is my heart.

If you’ve lost your hoop dance mojo, don’t give up. Keep coming back to the hoop and see what it has to show you about where you are in your life Now. The hoop doesn’t care how long you’ve neglected it (which is really self-neglect) it is right there ready to partner with you through your next dance and the one after that.

How long have you been hooping? Have you taken a break and come back to it? Life is a journey with plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes picking up the things we let go gives us a whole new perspective on what is possible. If I’ve learned anything in these years it is that the things that make your heart really sing will be there for you whenever you get back to them, with your heart song all cued up.


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