The Transformative Magic of Hoop Dance


As you enter the hoop, the magic begins. The circle – sacred symbol of life, itself – surrounds and embraces the body. Swirling bands of light in rhythmic flow. A vortex of Love caresses the skin, penetrating barriers and blocks, baring the source, the shoulds, and the solutions. Remedying that which was stuck, energizing the organs with light and rhythm and joy.

Bodies respond to the rhythmic beats, drawn deep, directly to the sweet spot of being, where there are no words, no thoughts, no ideas, no time.

Rhythm calls the heart into time. Now. Now. Now. Now. Here it is, this breath, this inhale, this exhale, this moment. Now. Now. Now. Now.

Distress and distraction fall away. They are not here, they are not now. They have no power when the rhythm of the hoop meets the rhythm of the heart. Here-now. Here-now. Here-now.

Troubles and problems and issues and stress spin out of the body, away from the energetic field. Rendered irrelevant and lifeless, at long last. Replaced by the rhythm of grace.

When was the last time you were embraced by hoop magic? The magic of rhythm is as close as your hoop.

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