To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn…

To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn…


The turning of the seasons
From summer to fall
Reminder of Nature’s bounty
Abundance for one and all

One of the fundamental elements of hoop dance is turning. We turn to learn to move in our hoops. We turn to learn a new trick. We turn to add some flourish and flair. We turn to add sparkle to our dance. We turn within as the hoop goes around. We turn to release the old. We turn to break free of the gravity, of the patterns that stifled the bold.

We turn to remember the dance, ever-changing. That we are the center of the dance. That without us, there is no dance. That though things around us stay the same, we are made lighter and free, with each turn of the hoop on our body and each turn we take, on the floor. Turning into what we couldn’t be, before. One turn after another, the soul calls out for more.

Here’s to more turns on the dance floor of life, more revolutions that tickle our fancy, and much more of what our souls call for.

With spirals of Hoop Love, Jodi


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  1. Hi! When do you teach in Danville. Can you send me a schedule of all your classes around the bay.
    Do you also teach in SANTA CRUZ?


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