Teaching Hoop Dance – Seven Years, and Counting

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It was seven years ago, this week, that I became a Hoop Girl certified hoop dance teacher. At the time, I was only weeks into my hoop journey, and didn’t even know most of the moves I’d be teaching. I just knew that I needed to do this. It was the first thing I’d been truly inspired to do in a very long time and I was excited to dig into it. I did spend the next few months driving to San Francisco for weekly Hoop Girl classes, to learn all of the moves. And because I hoop to the right and the majority of the population naturally hoops to the left, I needed to be sure I could do each move in both directions, so I could demo them for the students I imagined flocking to my future classes.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so dedicated to anything before. Learning to hoop dance was a challenge in itself, learning to hoop and teach at the same time, literally meant, body, mind, and spirit had to be involved in the process. It was a grand and glorious adventure and I was inspired and carried along by my passion for my new-found love of hoop dance!

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I started teaching the first week of April, 2010. And I haven’t looked back. Being a teacher meant keeping at least a step ahead of my students, so I happily took additional classes and workshops that were offered. And hoop retreats. Those were fun, and introduced me to a whole world of sister and brother hoop dancers, all with a million creative ideas and stories to share! Many of those hoopers have become hoop family to me, and I cherish them as friends.

Earlier this year, I had a big health scare and wake-up call, that explained why I’d kind of lost my hoop dance mojo over the past many months. Fortunately, that is behind me now and I’m getting healthier with each week that passes. I was forced to take a couple of months off from teaching but have been back teaching since mid August.

This past year was Year 6 of my hoop journey. I have been studying cycles related to numerology, astrology and more for many years. There is a Seven Year cycle that can be applied to most everything we do: relationships, jobs, hobbies, interests. Year 1 is the conception and initiation of the cycle. In Year 2 we may invite others into our journey. In Year 3, we expand creatively. In Year 4, we stabilize, settle into, put ground under that which we have cultivated. In Year 5, we change it up a bit. Asking, what else might we do with it? Year 6 is the test. We start questioning whether we still want to do this. Does it still have value for us. Has it run its course, or is there more in it for us? We challenge the assumptions we made early on about it that said it would last forever; we had finally found ‘the one’ or ‘our thing’. Have we outgrown it? If we are talking relationship, there can be a lot of arguing in this phase of the cycle. For me, with hoop dance, I just had less and less energy, period. Getting into my hoop often felt like a huge effort. I knew I still loved it, but started questioning whether it was still something I wanted to do and teach. I kept teaching because I knew I wasn’t ready to let it go. But the questions and doubts hung over me like massive black clouds, before a storm.

Today, that storm is behind me. I made it to Year 7 and I’m more excited about teaching hoop dance, than ever. If we make it to Year 7, we are on new ground, as it is the beginning of a new cycle. We are naturally inclined to update our agreements, our habits, our ways of approaching what we are doing, so it can continue to expand our experience and allow us to continue to flourish and grow. With that in mind, I have committed to learning fresh ways of teaching, sharing hoop dance and other hoop offerings, with the world. More on that, coming soon. For right now, I will just say how grateful I am for all that has taken place on this crazy, unexpected hoop journey. Life is good and the creative possibilities really are endless.

With oodles of hoop love,


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