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She’s All That 2015

This is my 4th year teaching hoop dance workshops at She’s All That, the signature fundraising project of the San Ramon Chapter of Soroptimist, International. SAT is for Middle School girls and their moms, featuring lots of fun and educational classes. This year, the event was held at Cal High, and as you can see, the weather was perfect. I taught two classes, back to back, for the first time. Those hoops got a good workout and so did we! My good friend and former Soroptimist sister, Sally, assisted with the workshops.

Some of you may remember Sally from the early days of Goddess Hoop Dance. She was my very first assistant and really helped me to get my administrative systems down, in the early days. Thank goodness for good friends!

Here is a very short clip from the workshop. It shows a sequence of moves I’d taught the girls earlier and here you see us  linking them, to begin creating a dance.

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