Goddess, Hooping

The Hoop and Body Healing

I wrote a blog post today on my Light In Motion blog, called Body Wise, Is Anybody In There? This is something about which I have been thinking, and feeling deeply, for some time. Most of us have experienced some kind of interference that has affected our relationship with our bodies. If not personally, then in the global conversation about women and our rights to have our own experiences and control what happens with our bodies.

Hoop dance came into my life when I had largely dealt with the chaos and confusion that ruled the younger decades of my life. I already had a healthy relationship with myself by the time I found my way to the hoop. The hoop reinforced and strengthened my relationship with my body and help me to heal in ways I’d never have considered before entering the hoop.

I am beyond grateful for the hoop as portal, healer and teacher of things I could never have previously imagined. Such is the power of the hoop.

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