Hip to These Rhythms and Blues

Hoop therapy. It was a dark and stormy night, not so much outside but there was a torrent of emotion brewing within. Grace came in the glow of my LED hoop and the beautiful, soulful, bluesy music that moved me deeper into both dance and hoop, through all those tender feelings. Got hoops?

I have really been feeling these crisper, shorter days and longer nights, this past week. The darkness invites reflection and a slower pace of life, whenever possible.

I pulled out my LED hoop a couple of nights ago and have been hooping in my living room, again. It has been years since I hooped there, but it feels cozy and inviting and I find myself wanting to practice in an environment that feels more special than the office/hoop room, I normally inhabit when I don’t feel like hooping outside. I just push the couch back a bit and the space works beautifully.

It was 11/11 which is all about heightened energy, as well as being Veteran’s Day and I was feeling rather melancholy, thinking about so many of the people—both family and friends—who have passed or are not well. Nothing I did made me feel any better until I got in my hoop and literally, moved through all of those feelings. That is the power of dance. It helps us in untold ways to not only move our bodies but to move through stuck energy and emotions. I have learned over many years to embrace my emotions and feel my life, as it arises from within me. All of those feelings are valid, all of the emotions speak volumes about what is important to me, and why.

I used to complain about being an empath, someone who ‘feels too much’. It can be really heavy and challenging to keep pace with the rest of the world. What I have realized, though, is that I would much rather feel my life than be numb to it. Sadness is an expression of deep caring. Grief shows me what I am being asked to release. Even anger is showing me where I need to pay more attention and make some adjustments.

Life is increasingly complex and oftentimes chaotic. For me, the hoop is a haven.; a place in which to come back home to myself and give expression to things that otherwise brew and fester, seeking release. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it feel terrible. Sometimes I would like nothing more than to scoop up my loved ones, like I do my pussycat, and let them know how much I care, how much I feel, how much they matter to me. We all do what we can. On our good days, our people can hear us and their day is a little better because we are part of it, and vice versa. Other days, we breathe a little deeper, stretch a little longer and pray a little more than we did before. And I grab my hoop. In my hoop I can celebrate being alive, reconnect with my spirit and feel a little bit of joy, even on those dark days.

In the beauty of darkness,

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