Goddess, Hooping

Hips in Hoops Deliver

I was inspired to start a new daily hoop challenge on the 4th Anniversary of Goddess Hoop Dance, April 3rd. As of this morning’s hoop session, I have logged 101 days of hooping for at least 30 minutes.

Hoop challenges are great because they get people hooping, even on days when you might otherwise be inclined to just skip it. I’m enjoying getting creative with my sessions. The hoop lends itself to a multitude of possibility, depending on one’s mood and energy level. Some days most of my hooping is done with gentle, yoga-like moves, other days, I’m energized and pushing myself to hoop harder and faster and master a new move or two. When you know you will most likely hoop again, tomorrow, you can afford to go at your own pace and know there is plenty of time to do something more or less ambitious the next day.

As a result of all this hoop dancing, I have a new-found appreciation for my body and what it can do. My relationship with my body improved dramatically when I started hoop dancing. Maybe some of you are discovering the same thing. There’s something about the hoop that allows the body to relax, reconnect with spirit and create healing on levels that years of therapy couldn’t touch. I was reminded of this piece I wrote in 2010.

My hips astonished me when they found my rhythm in the hoop

Moving gracefully, boldy, most unashamedly–womanly to their very core.

Who knew they could do that, find that, feel that; take me to a world of my own,

In which it is all about dance and dancer, rhythm and heart beat

Music and joy colliding inside, igniting the fires within.

Who knew that my hips alone would deliver me to my passion

Without a word, without missing a beat.

This much maligned, often ignored, frequently regretted part of me

Held the key to the door I hadn’t seen

There, all along

The door to the realm I’d not dared imagine

Of the mystical Goddess within


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