Why Hoop Dance? Reason #8

California. Stretching into a new expression, in the hoop and beyond.

This picture is from my 4th Hoopiversary, August 10, 2013, almost a year ago. A lot has changed in the past year. Things that I took for granted then, are no longer part of my life. Hoop dance is still part of my every day life and I teach pretty much every Saturday morning. These days, I’m thinking about it and approaching it all in a new way.

The hoop has been a remarkable change agent, in my life. It opened doors to community, kindred spirits, creative expression and so much more, that I would never before have imagined possible. Both the world around me and my inner world have shifted in a way that allowed me to naturally tap into much more joy and passion. Many of the reasons I was initially drawn to the hoop are as valid today as they were, when I started this journey.

Today, I talked with a friend about the core ideas upon which Goddess Hoop Dance was conceived, which are largely about cultivating our connection to the Goddess within, that wild, wise, infinitely creative aspect that lives at the heart of each of us. As we open to the divinity at our core, our lives expand in ways we could never before have dreamed possible. Or, for some of us, it feels like dreams coming true. When we awaken the Goddess within, through joyful creativity and passionate devotion–honestly, it probably doesn’t take a hoop for everyone, but for me the hoop was the key to actually living that joy and feeling it in every cell of my body.

I’m excited to develop new avenues for women to access their own inner wisdom. You don’t have to call it the Goddess within, but that’s how I know Her.

Big Love, Jodi


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