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Why Hoop Dance? Reason #5


In the almost five years since I started my own hoop journey, I have watched as one woman after another became increasingly aware of the Goddess within.

The Goddess revealed herself to me gradually, a few years before I discovered hoop dance. It was by way of a women’s writing group that I joined ten years ago that I first experienced Her presence in those around me and before I knew it, She was speaking directly to me. My writing became more and more focused on the messages I received when I sat to write.

Once I discovered hoop dance, something in me shifted. I felt the empowering Feminine energy move through my body, fanning the flames of creative expression in a way I had never before known. I fell madly in love with the circle and what it allowed me to do, how much more gracefully I was able to move and how free I felt. My body responded quickly and within months became stronger and more fit. I gained confidence and was no longer afraid of my body and what it might or might not do. I was no longer self-conscious in the way I had been throughout my life. I was no longer concerned about what anyone else thought about what I was doing. Suddenly I felt liberated; unshackled from the limitations with which I had bound myself for fear of being misunderstood or found lacking.

The Goddess doesn’t bow to the rules of a society that has forgotten how to love and is built largely on control, in the form of fostering insecurities, and fears of being judged. The Goddess within, once awakened, cuts through the ties that we have unwittingly allowed to bind us, and reminds us of how amazing it feels to move, to play, to let our hearts be light, to embrace our passions and soar as the creative beings we truly are. In Her sacred circle, we remember that Love is our nature and creative freedom is our birthright.

The Goddess has been there all along. She lives in the heart. When we open our hearts to those things that lift our spirits we access the Divine. The invitation of Goddess Hoop Dance from the beginning has been, ‘Bring your inner Goddess out to play.’ Grab a hoop, put on some music you love and give yourself a little time to be spontaneous with it. Let it guide you and notice what happens with your energy. You might be amazed at what you discover.

I’d love to hear your own experiences of awakening the Goddess through hoop dance.

Love, Jodi


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