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Beachy Hoop Play

Beachy Hoop Play from Jodi Lilly on Vimeo.

I was in Santa Barbara for a friend’s bachelorette weekend and of course, I brought hoops. We had so much fun celebrating that it was the last day before we got around to putting our toes in the sand.

It was a gorgeous, windy day at the beach and my hoop was calling me. Shannon grabbed one, too, and gave it a spin. These hoops are smaller, lighter and more challenging to keep going than the ones I recommend for new hoopers, in class. Shannon did great!

Introducing another friend to the hoop is one of the things that makes my world go round. And all the sweeter being on the beach in Santa Barbara.

May you find plenty of reasons to hoop, this summer. Hoops have an uncanny ability to double your pleasure and double your fun because most people just can’t help smiling when they have a hoop on their body. Enjoy!


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