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The Circle of Sacred

Sacred Geometry
Woven through time
Surrounds bodies in flow

Portal of Grace
Embracer of waists
Transmuter of everyday blues

Swirling, curling
Rising, falling
Colors spin through space

Inciting delight
Inviting insight
Hearts and minds align

The rhythm of life
Here in our feet
Dancing the beat divine

Full circle, we turn
Back to the source
Where Beauty and Love are revealed

The Sacred Circle
Connects the dots
All who enter are healed

This poem has been languishing in one of my journals for about four years now. I hope it inspires you to spend a few moments, next time you are hooping, to reconnect with some of the gifts you have discovered in the hoop. For most of us it’s so easy to just dive in and start practicing hoop tricks and forget how much more the hoop has to offer. A little time at either the beginning or end of your hoop session spent moving slower with your attention focused within you will reveal more than you might have guessed.

The picture was taken at a class I taught the morning of my High School reunion for some of the women I’d gone to school with. It was pretty sweet to be able to share something that has come to mean so much to me with these lovely ladies who are once again, friends. The hoop has an amazing way of bringing people together and helping them to bond in new and uplifting ways. Just one more thing to love about hoop dance!


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