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The Great Hooping Challenge of 2014

In honor of the 4th Anniversary of Goddess Hoop Dance, this week, I decided to start a new hoop challenge for myself and would love some company. The Hoop Challenges I’ve done in the past are simply to hoop for at least 30 minutes each day, for a specified number of days. Hooping.org regularly sponsors a month-long hoop challenge.

Last year, after successfully completing the January 30/30 Hoop Challenge I decided to keep going and see how many days I could hoop in 2013. I don’t remember the number but it was well over 2/3 of the year and I was thrilled about that. Once the challenge was over, I got out of the habit of daily hooping. On April 3rd, I pulled out my hoops for a celebratory practice hoop session and realized that I’d love to start a new challenge and see where it takes me.

Here’s what I’m doing: A 365-Day Hoop Challenge to hoop for at least 30 minutes, as many days as I can between now and April 3, 2015. I kicked it off with the Anniversary Day session. The video I posted yesterday was from that one. 1/365

Last night, I hooped with my LED hoop for half an hour while preparing for today’s class, trying out music for the playlist and putting together a plan for teaching a class that also felt like a celebration. 2/365

And this morning’s Anniversary Class was a celebration! We had a studio full of hoop Goddesses, spinning whirled goodness through the room. The highlight for me was a couple rounds of impromptu, creative fun in an everybody-adds-a-move, hoop dance sequence. 3/365

I’m excited to get back to a regular hoop dance practice. There’s no better way I know of getting into great shape and upping not only your skill level but the creative quotient in your hoop dance. The rewards of these challenges are always far beyond the obvious benefits. I promise that if you can hoop every day for thirty days, you will discover all kinds of enlightening things about yourself and your life. Not the least of which is, you can set a goal and achieve it.

If you are interested in creating a hoop challenge for yourself, set the goal that speaks to you and let that be your guiding star. If you haven’t had a regular hoop practice and half an hour a day seems like too much, set your goal at 15 minutes, or even 10 minutes, if that feels more doable. Then decide how many days or weeks your challenge will be. If it feels exciting but like a bit of a stretch, you’ll know you are on the right track.

I will add that I am no longer rigid with myself in these challenges. If I really am not in a space to hoop, it’s fine. I know that I will come back to it the next day, as my intention is to do a lot more hooping than I might have done without having taken on the challenge.

I’d love to hear from you if you are starting your own hooping challenge or have done them in the past and came away with insights or unforeseen benefits.

Love all around, Jodi

2 thoughts on “The Great Hooping Challenge of 2014

  1. Please keep me in the hoop with your updates.
    I am new to hooping and going to be starting my Hoop Challenge.
    May 1st is the day I would like to Hoop It. LOL.

    The Chickpea

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for your interest in my updates. I am currently at 28/365 days of hooping. I hope your own challenge is well under way, too. I’m happy to know you were inspired to begin. Please do check back and let me know how it is going.

      If you’d like to stay up-to-date on my challenge progress, the Facebook group is the best place to check: https://www.facebook.com/goddesshoopdance

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