Goddess, Hooping

Sacred Circle of The Goddess and The Hoop

My hoop journey began while in the midst of a completely different journey, to the Goddess. I had been writing about the Goddess for years and was in search of some fresh perspective on the Divine Feminine when I discovered the book Hooping, by Christabel Zamor. Two months later, I owned a couple of hoops, had my first Teacher Training under my belt and was taking the hoop classes I would later teach.

This morning I found this journal entry from that time, in October 2009:

I am seeing the energy behind my experience of hooping as unique to me, in many ways. I am starting to understand that this is my entrance into the physicality of the Goddess. The interplay with the hoop, responding to its weight and shape, engaging with it to create a rhythm and relationship and reality in the now is opening my eyes and heart to something previously unimagined.

The hoop is a portal for Grace. As we enter its sacred circle we are contained in its space. Bodies dance to the power of its call; the revolution from within.

Know your power, feel your grace, engage the glorious potential that is your life in the moment. This is living!

The hoop has given me a center to enter, come home to, relax into and get my groove on.

The hoop has offered me a place to check my baggage before entering – there’s only room for me in there.

The hoop has drawn out the dancer in my heart who has forever longed to dance and finally gets her chance.

The hoop has created a safe space in which to express myself, free of the ordinary rules that have for so long kept me physically mute.

The hoop transforms, not only bodies, but hearts and minds. Give it a chance and you may see something utterly new about you! Something compelling, mysterious and free.

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