She’s All That ~Hooping With The Girls

Last Saturday afternoon, I taught a hoop dance workshop to a group of Middle School girls at She’s All That–a day-long event of workshops and classes for Middle School girls and their mothers–which is the signature project for Soroptomist International of San Ramon Valley. This is my fourth year of offering a hoop dance workshop at SAT and as we got under way, I recognized a few girls from last year’s class. It is such fun to see these young hoopers make the shift from just ‘hula hooping’ (standing in place keeping the hoop going around the waist for as long as possible) to hoop dancing, which allows them to bring in their creativity, link moves together and move around the space. Halfway through class several of them started to really catch on to what they could do with a hoop and some simple dance moves. Big smiles lit up those beautiful faces as they found their own moments of hoop flow.

After each workshop, the girls fill out a feedback form and I got a chance to take a quick look. One wrote, Best class ever! Many of them gave me straight 5s (the highest mark) and said they would be interested in taking the class again, next year. According to the Soroptomists, I have a permanent invitation to share hoop dance at SAT, so you know I’ll be back in 2015. It feels good to have something I know has huge potential to spark creativity and change lives to give back to the community.

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