Goddess, Hooping

What If You Let HER Out ~Hooping the Goddess

What if, next time you pick up your hoop you let Her rip
Rip down the inner barriers that keep you rigid and playing small
Small isn’t what you are. Not really
Really rich, clear and brilliant are the colors of your heart
Heart lights that haven’t seen daylight in a while
While you were busy behaving yourself
Your self has been smothering, year by year, just a little
Little voice in your head says, this is crazy
Crazy wants to come out and play
Play? There’s no time for playing, that’s crazy
Crazy knows a little something
Something about liberation
Liberation to flow free
Free from the bondage that squelches your fire
Fire burning in your soul needs to breathe
Breathe it in, nice and deep
Deep are the places She’ll take you
You will know, when you hoop with the Goddess
The Goddess will show you the way

© 2013 Jodi Lilly

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