Goddess, Hooping

Looking Back to Move Forward In Hooping As In Life

This past summer was unusually busy for me, brimming with hoop practices; weekly hoop classes; and a couple of trips to the Midwest to see family, attend my High School Class Reunion and teach a hoop class to classmates I hadn’t seen in decades. And then there was the Hoop Camp Retreat. This was my second time at Hoop Camp and a whole different experience than I had last year. More on that, shortly.

This entire year feels a bit like a blur. Things are moving quickly and seem to be practically shape-shifting from moment to moment. One of the few constants has been my regular hoop practice. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve challenged myself to hoop as many days as I can this year. As of yesterday I’d hooped on 175 days since the first of the year. Keeping track has helped keep me focused on hooping more consistently and trying a lot of new ideas or ways of hooping I wouldn’t otherwise have attempted, like choreography, which has opened up a whole new realm in terms of hoop play and teaching.

Since returning from Hoop Camp a couple of weeks ago I’ve been in a much more reflective mood. All of that activity sparked a raft of inspiration that begged for quiet time to integrate. I’ve been perusing old journals, spending time alone and reflecting on what brought me to this moment. I originally started hooping because I’d become obsessed with watching videos of women hooping. Something in me would not be satisfied with being a bystander any longer. I wanted to feel the joy of being in the hoop. Once I got there my passion carried me forward. Goddess Hoop Dance was conceived from a desire to inspire other women to experience the freedom to explore more of who they are, deep down, as women who are creative and alive and yearning to express themselves, in a medium that feels safe–under the guise of play. For me, this is every bit as much about the Goddess as it is about hoop dance.

Sometimes play is not all about excitement and light. Sometimes the thing that ignites our spirit is quiet and dark. That’s when we know we are getting somewhere and are evolving from within; when the rules about play fall away and we begin to include all possibilities, and all the hues of our rainbow are celebrated.


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