Some times hooping is the only thing that gives me a good feeling. Yesterday was one of those days, so since I had the luxury of having President’s Day off, I spent a few hours playing on my computer and put together this little video of me hooping with my new LED hoop.

I’m really enjoying hooping with a lighted hoop on these cold and dreary winter evenings, especially. The colors feel inviting and add a whole new element to my practice. (It’s like a guilty pleasure of Christmas lights in February when the LEDs are morphing through the rainbow spectrum of color around me…)

When I was still considering getting an LED hoop I wondered if I would really use it much. I’m not one who frequents festivals or concerts where it would be possible to hoop. I do most of my hooping in my own backyard or in my hooping room, alone. Turns out this LED beauty is my new go-to hoop. It’s a great weight and the size is just enough smaller than most of the hoops I use to be challenging yet fun.

In case you can’t tell, I’m crazy about my new LED hoop. If you are interested in buying one, I highly recommend Trinity Starr Hoops. Ron and Nessia Starr are both hoopers and know a lot about hoops. They make a good variety of poly-pro, travel and, of course, LED Hoops. They are also wonderful people who take pride in providing excellent products and service.

If you are on the fence about whether to get an LED hoop, I say jump over to the LIGHT SIDE! If you are anything like me and like a little razzle dazzle, it’ll give a whole new dimension to your hoop experience.

So whether your hoop has lights or not, consider adding a little more fabulous to your hooping. Whether you do so with fun clothes, a little glitter sprinkled here and there, beautiful tape on your hoops or music that you love so much you can hardly wait to get back to hooping to it, break out of your old routine and see what a difference different makes.

With oodles of Hoop Love,

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