I started the 30/30 Hoop Challenge, sponsored by Hooping.org on January 2 because I had the flu and was unable to hoop on the first day. Lucky for me, January has 31 days, so I’ll still be able to get my thirty minutes a day of hooping in for thirty consecutive days if I continue on as I have for the past 26 days. Only 4 more days to meet the challenge.

Here are a couple of posts from the Goddess Hoop Dance page on Facebook:

30/30 Hoop Challenge ~Day 7
Came home from work and got right down to my hoop practice. I still had a little momentum from the day and knew that if I didn’t take advantage of it I probably wouldn’t get my hooping in. This is becoming something I really look forward to, just like it was when I first started hooping and could hardly wait to get the hoop around me, again. I’d gotten way out of the habit of daily hooping when I started working full time and commuting a year ago. It is really great to get back to it, in earnest and remember the sweetness of just playing with my hoop.
Thirty minutes does the trick. Have you given your hoop any love today?

30/30 Hoop Challenge ~Day 9

Thirty minutes, quick and dirty. I just did it. It wasn’t pretty, but it’s done and it counts.

And you? Get some hoop time in?

Day 16:
Getting into this new habit of getting into my hoop as soon as I can when I get home from work in order to meet the 30/30 Hoop Challenge of hooping at least thirty minutes each day has turned out to be so good for me. I’d forgotten how quickly and effectively the hoop helps me shift back into my center after being pulled in so many different directions all day long. I wouldn’t have come back around to that awareness and outcome had I not decided to do the challenge.
Hooping is so much more than exercise. It does a mind/body/spirit a world of good!

30/30 Hoop Challenge ~Day 19
Hooped in the warm afternoon sunlight, again, today. What a pleasure! I’d almost forgotten how great it feels to hoop outside where there is plenty of room and nothing but fresh air. Thirty minutes flew by. Actually stayed out and hooped a little longer. It was great!

I practiced mostly with the first real hoop that I bought in August 2009, today. As you can see from the picture, she has seen better days. She is great for hooping outside as I don’t need to worry about banging her up or scraping on the stone tiles. I often use this blue and purple wonder to warm-up and when I want a little more of a resistance training experience. This hoop is about 42 inches and weighs approximately two pounds. Though it doesn’t sound like much, that extra pound of weight makes a huge difference. When I use my heavier, beginner hoops I generally do a fair amount of core work and then make sure I get plenty of off body hooping in, too. That little bit of extra weight does wonders for shaping arms, shoulders and strengthening upper back.

30/30 Hoop Challenge ~Day 22
On my way in to my hoop room to do some good hoop practice to some awesome hoop tunes. I’ll report in when I’ve done my thirty. In the meantime, how is your January Hoop Challenge going? Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to give up hooping. It just means getting more creative about how, where and when you hoop. Fortunately, the hoop lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of settings and applications…

30/30 Hoop Challenge ~Day 26
Just as I was about to start my thirty minute hoop practice my girlfriend, with whom I haven’t spoken in ages, called. So instead of hooping to music, as I’d planned, I multi-tasked and hooped on my core–waist and hips–during our 35 minute conversation. I did a little more off-body stuff to give my arms and shoulders a little hoop time, afterward. In all I hooped for about 45 minutes. It wasn’t the practice I was expecting to have but it was great to catch up with my friend and sometimes a good no-frills hoop session is exactly the right thing.

It was a good lesson for me in not letting something keep me from my hoop practice (I really did want to do both) and how soothing it is to simply hoop around waist, ribs and hips for an extended period.

A lot of other good hoop action has been going on since my last post. Will update again, soon. Until then, hoop on.

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