Today is the third time I’ve held the Hooping Grace and Gratitude class on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were a small but mighty gathering of thanks-goodness this morning. Nicole, Pamala, Pat, Terri and I got centered in our hoops and moved to the rhythm of the music and our hearts.

For those of you who are curious about how one hoops GRACE, we played this simple game:

Throughout the class we stopped to shift gears and focus on different elements of hoop dance five times–once for each letter of the word GRACE. We each spoke a word, containing that letter, for something for which we are grateful. And then focused on our gratitude for what our word represented, as we hooped. (Note: *In order to not get too hung up on finding a word that started with each letter, the rule was that the word simply had to contain that letter.)

First up was G, of course
Some of our words were ‘ground’ and ‘God’

Next was R
‘remembering’ and ‘rhythm’

‘husband’ and ‘acceptance’

‘consciousness’ and ‘cats’ (believe it or not, that was not my word)

‘everything’ and ‘excellence’

By the end of class we each had a word bouquet of things for which we are grateful. There is something rich about sharing our gratitude that seems to expand the beauty of our blessing and make them all the more real. Hooping into those things for which we are grateful helps to us to ground that grace into the body. Witnessing the gratitude of my hoop companions was such a beautiful experience. I left the class feeling inspired and uplifted and so blessed to have been surrounded by such grace.

Here is the playlist, if you would like to check out some music that really gets you thinking about just how much we all have to be thankful for. I found a few new ones this year that I think are great for hooping. Enjoy!

Morning ~Amos Lee
Thank You ~Alanis Morissette
The Silent Awakening ~Tina Malia
Have a Little Faith ~Michael Franti & Spearhead
Thank You ~MoZella
Gratitude ~Earth, Wind & Fire
Thank You ~Dido
Living In the Moment ~Jason Mraz
Thank You ~Bonnie Raitt
You and Me ~Dave Matthews Band
Good to See You ~Neil Young
I Thank You ~Sam and Dave
Keep Breathing ~Ingrid Michaelson
Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) ~Michael Bublé
You Can Close Your Eyes ~Carly Simon
The Beauty That We Love ~John Astin
Bonus song – Someday ~Sugar Ray
I hope you are all finding at least a little time for your hoop dance practice, this long holiday weekend. Sending Love and Grace and oodles of Gratitude to each of you who has found your way here, today.


    • Jodi

      Thank you, Philo! I was feeling very inspired this Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to have a hoop class in which to share the magic.

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