This is the first time I’ve gone to Hoop Camp, despite wishing and hoping for years to attend. I decided, last minute, that it was worth whatever I had to rearrange to finally have this experience I’d been hearing about from other hoopers for years. And it was so worth it.

Heather Troy, the founder of Hoop Camp, organized the first one five years ago and the rest is history. We began with the inspiring Opening Circle, led by Heather.

She’s wearing the cap and I am directly in front of her, pinching myself, absolutely delighted to be there. This was one of many peak moments over the five days of Hoop Camp.

Jonathan Livingston Baxter’s Open Air Class was the first class of Hoop Camp.

He started off with some words of wisdom to inspire us and then got us swaying and stretching before getting into our hoops.

This was Jo Mondy’s class on new ways to break out of old hoop habits and shake up your hoop flow. Jo gave us exercises that challenged us to do things differently than we normally would with our hoops.

Beth Lavinder’s class.

Philo Hagen, co-founder of taught a fantastic Legs, Legs, Legs class

This is just a little taste of Hoop Camp 2012. More to come.

In the mean time, do hoop on!

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