I just signed up for Hoop Camp. I’ve wanted to go to Hoop Camp since 2009, when I first started hooping but wasn’t sure I was ready for that kind of full imersion experience. In September 2010, I didn’t have the money to go and in September 2011, my kitty, Winston, was deathly ill, so Hoop Camp wasn’t even a consideration.

This year I thought about Hoop Camp off and on for months and changed my mind a hundred times. Yes, it would be fun and I’d really love to do it, but I am not a camper. So, if I wasn’t going to camp, I would have to come up with more money to stay in either a hotel the retreat center. I went round and round and round with myself.

Finally, tonight, at the eleventh hour, I decided to bite the bullet and register for Hoop Camp. I’m staying in a single room and I’m sure it will be well worth every dollar. I have waited three years to go and I’m so excited to reconnect with my hoop family, the one community that feels like home to me. I’ve danced around the edges of the hoop world for years. Tonight, I’m thrilled to know I’ll be dancing through the middle of it this week.

You can learn more about Hoop Camp here:

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