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Yes, You Can! ~Private Group Hoop Class

When people I meet hear that I teach hoop dance they ask where and when I have classes. When they learn that I have only one class at 8:45 AM on Saturdays, many ask whether I teach private group classes. The answer is yes. Though I haven’t written much about them, I have taught quite a few groups–both small and large–over the past couple years.

Last month I got a call from a friend of my neighbor, Debbie, asking me to teach a private hoop class for her upcoming gathering of her women’s group, at her home. She said they would be celebrating the birthday of one of the women and that she was going to have the hoop class be the surprise. She told me there would be about twenty-two women who ranged in age from thirties to early sixties.

After teaching hooping to a wide variety of people, I’ve come to realize that hoop dance isn’t for everyone. I was prepared for the possibility of a few hoop hold outs. Instead, when these women walked across the street to the park and saw the hoops lined up waiting for them, I looked around at twenty-some wide-eyed, smiling faces. Most of these ladies hadn’t been in a hoop since they were kids. I had them form a large circle around me, so everyone could see what we were doing and they were off and hooping.

There is something very special about playing with friends. No matter what your age, if you are engaged in doing something fun together the years melt away and the joy and creativity bubble to the surface. The inner Goddess of each of these women was shining in their beautiful faces as they cheered each other on and did a few new tricks they didn’t know they had in them.

See for yourself how much fun a private hoop class can be.

If you’d like to get a few friends together and learn some hoop basics, new hoop moves, or just play in the hoops for an hour at your party or event, I’d love to show you what you can do with a hoop. See the Class page and contact me for details on how you can host a hoop dance party for the Goddesses in your life.

2 thoughts on “Yes, You Can! ~Private Group Hoop Class

  1. Jodi
    We ALL had a blast at our hoop of fun !
    Thank you for taking the extra time we needed
    To ensure we walked Away secure
    And having fun!!!
    I will be having another Hoop night
    Encourage any and all ages to call Jodi

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