I have received several calls over the past few weeks from women looking for hoop dance classes. Summer has arrived and the weather is perfect for outdoor hooping. I have been doing far more hooping than posting to this blog.

I started teaching some of my coworkers at my day job to hoop. We go to the park a block away from the office and spend thirty minutes in the late morning sun playing in the hoops. Our impromptu classes have added so much to our workdays that the days when we are too busy feel like a day without sunshine! Everyone talks about how amazed they are that those few minutes can make such a difference. Stress evaporates, troubles disappear. We go from being coworkers to women friends breathing nice fresh air, in the warm morning sun, in colorful hoops in the park.

Class is in session at Two Left Feet in Danville, almost every Saturday morning. We’ll be there hooping tomorrow morning, if you’d like to join us.

*There will be no class on Saturday, June 30th. I’m off to Wisconsin to visit my family. Regularly scheduled classes will resume on Saturday, July 7th. Come find yourself in the hoop.

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