I taught the first Goddess Hoop Dance class on April 3, 2010. Since then I’ve held class pretty much every Saturday morning, give or take the odd (that is to say rare) trip to Hawaii, or the Saturdays that fall around the end of year holidays.

I remember preparing for that first class, worrying about whether I had the right music for the very basic waist hooping moves I would be teaching. Rob even helped me put a playlist together. He played the music on his computer and I grabbed my hoop and tried it out each song to see how ‘hoopable’ they would be…

That first class was the first class of a four-class series. The women who signed up for the class learned a new move each week. The picture above is of my dear friend, Sally, who helped out as my assistant for almost a year, (until her pregnancy made it impossible for her to keep hooping) and her mom, Sue, who really just wanted to have some fun and learned a few moves in spite of herself. In this shot, she was about to bring the hoop from above her body, in what we, in the Hoop Girl circle call Wild West, back down to her waist, into what we Hoop Girls call Pump, for the first time. It was fantastic to be able to capture the moment with Sally coaching and cheering Sue on to victory. I can still see the look on Sue’s face when she realized she’d actually done it!

I love teaching hoop dance. It is my passion and my joy. I wish I could spend more time doing it but have learned to be content with introducing women who come in weary from the work week to something different. Something that allows them to relax and get some exercise at the same time. Something that is as unique as they are and that allows them to express something there may not be room for in any other area of their lives. I love being able to offer them an escape and a refuge by way of the hoop.

For so many reasons, I am honored to be able to share something that means so much to me with other women. I feel like I have just scratched the surface of what is possible with Goddess Hoop Dance. I talk to so many women who don’t know how to come home to themselves. They don’t know how to connect with who they are and what is important to them. I was that woman for so many years. It was more than hoop dance that helped me find my center. But without hoop dance the journey would have been infinitely more bleak. My inner Goddess is alive and well and shows up every time I step into the hoop. I hope to introduce a lot more women to their own inner Goddess and watch them soar. There is everything to be gained and nothing to be lost except maybe some excess baggage you don’t need anyway. Bring your inner Goddess out to play! And let me know what happens when you do.

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