Last Saturday night I met up with some friends to attend The Hooping Life documentary movie that was being shown in the Bay Area for the first time. I’ve been hearing about the movie for years and was so excited to finally be able to see it. And not only see it, but see it with so many of my friends who share my passion for hoop dance. The movie tells the story of the evolution of modern hoop dance and features three people with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and studying hoop dance: Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious, founder of Hoop Revolution; Christabel Zamor–who partnered with Anah in hoop dance performances around the world, wrote the book Hooping, (which launched me onto this extraordinary path of hoop dance) she’s one of the original hoop dance stars and founder of Hoop Girl; and Jonathan Livingston Baxter, hoop dance guru extraordinaire and founder of The Hoop Path. I can’t say enough about this documentary, which started filming in 2002 and just finally received approval to include one of the songs that had held up completion for some time.

If you get a chance to see The Hooping Life I highly encourage you to do so. I was impressed and inspired on so many levels. The hoop dance we have today would not be possible if these and other bold souls had not held fast to their dreams and made the hard decisions necessary to move it forward and available to the rest of us who, at that time, had no idea what we were missing.

Here’s the trailer:

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen the movie or plan to see it some day. Until then, hoop on!

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