Choosing a Hoop

These are some of the hoops I bought for my first Goddess Hoop Dance Beginner Series that starts on April 3rd. I’m so excited about teaching hoop dance that I haven’t even been able to write about it. When I bought the hoops for the class I made sure I had enough to sell to those who want a hoop of their own, too. And honestly, is there anyone out there who has caught the hoop dance bug who doesn’t want their own hoop?

I love hoops. Pretty much everything about them makes me happy. I love the circular shape, the colors of the tape, their sparkle and the way I feel when I am in the hoop finding my rhythm and responding to the rhythm of the hoop.

What else can you do that gives you joy at the very thought of it? Maybe it isn’t that way for you yet with hoops, but I’m totally hooked.

One of the questions I am asked most often is what to look for when purchasing one’s first hoop.  I still use my first hoop most often for practice and I always pick it up when I am learning new moves.

Your first hoop should be one you love. Choose a color combination that feels good to you and not only brings a smile to your face but makes your heart and spirit dance. Seriously. If you get into hoop dance you will be spending a lot of time with that hoop. So find one you love.

The hoop should come somewhere between your navel and chest when standing on end in front of you. For most people, starting with a medium-size hoop that comes to around navel-height or a touch above is the perfect size. The bigger the hoop, the easier it will be to use, initially, but the bigger hoops are also heavier and make it more challenging to do off-body moves. The hoops in the picture are from Body Hoops. They make high-quality hoops that are great for beginners as well as more advanced hoop dancers. These hoops weigh around 2 pounds, just enough to give the hoop a little momentum as it travels around your body. They are covered with gaffer’s tape–a cloth tape that helps the hoop stay on your body, where you want it and resist sliding to the floor. They also have the pretty, sparkly tape which always makes me happy, just looking at it. The winning combination of fun colors, good tape and the weight measures up, in true Goldilocks fashion, to just right.

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