1. Jodi. I absolutely love your writing. You are very articulate. It’s wonderful. I wanted to share that last summer I met Maria Colella on the beach of Indian Shores here in Florida. I was passing out flyers for my radio show and she was there vacationing with her girl friend. She teaches hoops in Wash. DC and had one there. The next thing you know she talked me into trying it (see your FB wall–her friend quickly snapped a few pictures) and it actually felt natural. Well, that was it for hooping until I went to St. Augustine Beach last May. There was a young woman there hooping at a concert so I approached her and she let me hoop for awhile. Again, it felt natural but I never considered actually getting one. I dance all the time on my own (see my website). But, your article has inspired me to consider it. Thank you for your passion. I can feel how it has changed your life. The energy comes through in the article and it is beautiful. I keep holding dance seminars and no one comes. Who knows, maybe they’ll come if I was teaching hoops…:))). Thanks again…

    • Jodi

      Thank you, Paul! Very cool to know that you are considering getting into hoop dance. I know a lot of guys who do it and are truly inspirational. Do a google search for Baxter and/or Isopop/Rich Porter. They can really tear it up.


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