This song is called Awe. It has haunted me from the first time I heard it and brings me to a different place inside myself and shifts my experience in the hoop whenever I hear it’s haunting melody. So when I decided to do a video on my birthday a couple of weeks ago, of course, the music had to be Awe.

I continue to be awed by the countless and most remarkable gifts of the hoop, both in my hooping life and far beyond.


  1. Jodi,

    I was so moved by your unleashed grace in movement. It was an AWEsome experience. I almost cried … you are SO beautiful, my friend!

    I must try hoopdancing.


    • Jodi

      Adela! Thank you, so much for your beautiful words. They mean a lot, coming from you.

      Yes, you must try hoop dancing. Those salsa hips of yours will love it. The hoop has taught me so much about being alive and present in my body and my movement, in and out of the hoop. It’s been almost two years now and it just keeps getting better.

      I watch my students awaken to themselves over and over in the hoop. It’s remarkable what can happen when one enters the sacred circle prepared to learn its secrets.


  2. Wonderful! So completely celebratory and deeply moving.
    Thank you for sharing your joy, and belated happy birthday to you.

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