Hoop Dance is fun, fabulous fitness that tones, enlivens and helps to bring the body back to its optimal feminine form.

Got abs? Hoop Dance is the perfect exercise for whittling your waistline and strengthening your core.

Got flab? Hoop Dance burns calories quickly and consistently to reshape and firm up arms, shoulders and hips.

Got alignment? Hoop Dance strengthens the core muscles that support the spine to help you stand taller and move like a dancer.

Got attitude? Hoop Dance imbues one with the confidence of a cat, the grace of a gazelle and a feeling of sheer delight.

Got discipline? Hoop Dance  takes more discipline to stop doing than it does to start

Got time? Hoop Dance offers all the exercise most people need to get in shape and stay that way in about thirty-minutes a day.

Got excuses? You won’t need them once you get into the hoop habit.


Summer’s coming! Don’t waste another moment wishing you had your waistline back. Come get in the hoop and play the weight away.

There’s a new series starting in May. You can learn more here.


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